Simone Cherie Price is a nonprofit advisor and development consultant. To date she has raised over $3 million in donations for conservative causes and candidates for national office; her most successful campaigns included Freedom Partners, Americans for Prosperity and Tea Party Patriots.

Simone was published by the Southeast Philosophy Congress at age 20 for her work entitled ‘In Defense of Christianity” and became a contributor to the National Center for Public Policy’s Project 21. Simone received the Betty Rendel Award from the National Federation of Republican Women and has been regularly featured as a commentator or guest writer on an array of media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN’s New Day Saturday, BET News and more. She was nominated as one of the American Association of Political Consultants’ 40 under 40 and inducted into WWP's Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.


Bankrupt Puerto Rico Ships Inmates to Mainland U.S.

In April, a bankrupt Puerto Rico released a fiscal plan called A New Vision outlining structural reform ideas to help the commonwealth achieve financial solvency. The Vision includes a jarring proposal, a plan to reduce the island’s overhead by shipping its inmates to the mainland United States. Erik Rolón, Puerto Rico secretary of corrections supplemented the release with the assurance that shipments would be voluntary, requiring inmate consent as well as preference as to their location — thoug

Why The Campaign Against Social Media Won’t Work

Lawmakers demanded that technology firms do more to fight “shocking” foreign efforts to influence U.S. politics on Wednesday, a day after Facebook identified a new influence campaign tied to November’s elections. Since May, major companies such as Facebook and Google have adapted some of their privacy practices even beyond the mandate imposed by the E.U. to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. But Privacy hawks remain unsatisfied, pressuring the Trump administration is e

Death of 24-year old Maurice Granton raises familiar frustrations on ‘fleeing’

Surveillance video released Wednesday shows an officer fatally 24-year-old Maurice Granton as he tried to run away. Granton’s family attorneys say the footage challenges the Departments’ original account of the incident, in which they say Granton was ignoring orders to stop, and threatened officers with a weapon. The Granton shooting comes after several high-profile cases of officers using deadly force to stop suspects of misdeameanor crimes and traffic violations. The shooting remains under in

Fear for Child Safety in ICE Detention Legitimized

History will Hold Both Democrats and Republicans Responsible It’s worth noting that this particular June tweetstorm confirmed the President’s perpetual backtracking on his support of the GOP Immigration bill he was on record for pushing several times. By now we know Trump to be our unofficial Commander in Contradictions, but seriously, these tweets were a mere three days apart… The President defended ICE and passed the family separation hot-potato to Republicans back in June. Taking to Twitter

Mass Incarceration May Be Too Big To Fail

Last month, the Vera Institute of Justice released a useful report with each state’s prison population as of year-end 2017. Their report fills an important gap until the Bureau of Justice Statistics publishes similar (and more detailed) numbers at the end of this year or early next. Compared to how criminal justice data usually works in this country, having numbers just 6 months old feels like a luxury. Now, armed with timely data, we should discuss what this means and why our elected officials